Here’s some stuff I don’t think I’ve posted

thefeelzareforreelz said: Hello there great king of fancy pixel art. So two weeks ago me and my friend decided to try making a pixelated platformer. He will be the one programming and i thought i could do the art and stuff. When i first started on my charchter i got pleasently suprised then i tealised i had to make him walk. Im getting of the trail here... The point is it would be lovely if you could skype or just even give me some pixel art tips like what programs you use and all that, btw i love your art.

"King of fancy pixel art" oh gosh thank you ahaha
I use photoshop! 

I don’t really have any walk cycle tips, at least none that I can think of at the moment.
Well I have one I suppose. When you walk youre whole body moves. So animating JUST the legs moving will have your sprite looking stiff as heck! Move the head, the arms, everything you can!

But for more in depth stuff Here are some GREAT tutorials that have helped me a lot in understanding movement with pixels

Unseven’s run cycle tutorial
Manning Krull’s walk cycle tutorial
and this piece on Sub-pixel animation its kind of an advanced technique, even I don’t understand it completely. When it’s done right though, Metal Slug, it’s beautiful.

If you do wanna talk to me more 1 on 1, im supajackle on skype. Just be warned that I am not very talkative!


lmao @ anyone who thinks the people harassing zoe quinn are genuinely concerned about journalistic ethics. generally when you are a person who cares about ethics, a personal harassment campaign complete with invasions of privacy and incessant slurring is not the way you react to an alleged ethical breach

these are just boys who have designated another woman as an Enemy of Gaming, and they will feign indignance if they think that’ll lend them credibility— too bad every other element of the way they conduct themselves puts the lie to that act

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I recorded a time lapse video of me making the waluigi sprite. The original recording was just under an hour long, with easily 10 minutes spent trying to figure out what to do with his arm and legs. Always plan out your pose first! 

i hadnt done a speed pixel video since last year I figured it would be cool to do a new one since my pixelling process has changed a lot since then!



gleeksunstroke told everyone to make shark people for shark week. So here’s a sharkwoman

more of these

a small dog for the compixellated challenge this week


Here’s another Art To Music / Music To Art project with SupJackle (Kyle Templeton). He made a cool piece this time to interpret with music. This one was tricky, since there’s a lot going on in the piece. I decided to make a song that followed your eyes when you first see the piece. When I first saw it I focused on the guy sitting down by the tree, a pretty peaceful pure scene. Then you notice he’s looking over a river into a city filled with dark clouds. I felt like it was a contrast between nature and man made structures, so I let the music evolve from something pleasant into something nasty as you move your eyes from the foreground to the background. At the end it comes full circle, since your eyes then go back to the guy sitting down, realizing what the image is as a whole. This one was fun :).

Dang this is great


my brother never gets any art done now bc all i wanna do is play tf2

its true.


my brother never gets any art done now bc all i wanna do is play tf2

its true.

a quick thing for the compixellated challenge this week

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